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Hello! We are Foster Tech

we design perfection

completly costomisable

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Hello! We are master

we design perfection

completely customisable



Clients love us

Our prompt response is reason why clients love us.

premium support

Now offers 24/7 support for our premium customers.

Flexible & multiporpuse

Our designs can be modified according to requirements.

Safe information

We keep information of our clients safe and secure.

unique ideas

Young minds can produce unique ideas at Foster Tech.

Working perfectly

We double check everything to make sure things works.



We make multi response website so it can be modified any time if needed

Ultra responsive

We make website SEO friendly, so it can be responsive to SEO work

Free updates

If our clients needs updates we offer it for free at some extent


Since 2000 we have used Java, PHP, ASP, .NET, Python, Ruby to implement server side functionality.


How WE Work

What we do

We provide digital marketing solutions that help Brands tell their Story and connect their product stories to people stories As a full service creative, development and digital marketing company, we focus on overall off and online brand representation and recognition by way of ROI driven initiatives. We provide the following services with the client in mind.

Social Media Management and Marketing Solutions

We are a team of story tellers who use social media to translate your brand into a digital voice. We build and enhance your following, through analytics and conversion optimization We have enough knowledge and expertise to plate up only the most relevant, actionable information, seasoned with expert analysis to bake business intelligence far easier to digest. We understand the dynamics of social networks and the importance of contextual awareness. Whether its social media consulting, integrated social media campaigns and execution, community building strategies, brand communication, social media tracking and reporting, profile management or marketing we have the expertise.

Responsive Websites & Online Marketing Solutions

Our web developers spend time understanding your industry and target market before starting the creative process. They use the latest techniques and have the necessary skills to design your website to be fully responsive to fit to the screen size it is being used on and also to ensure it presents favorably on mobile devices. We know how to build websites that not only look good but also deliver results. Beautiful websites that are easy to use are great at converting visitors into customers. Standing out from the crowd is the key element to convincing your potential customer to work with you over your competitor. Maintenance: For an optional regular monthly payment, we can look after your website continually to ensure it stays up to date looking great and running smoothly. We also ensure that your website is competitively ranked in the search engines and generates a steady flow of traffic.

SEO and Content Writing

With the right content writing service, you can build brand awareness, get 68% more inbound traffic, engage members of your target audience, generate up to 97% more leads, and increase sales by up to 55%. With our experience in content writing, we further offer ghostwritten materials that establish your position as a thought leader and an expert in your niche. Buy content through the packages below or contact us for a more customized package.


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